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Aluminium machining

gamma sGAMMA S

Somewhat lighter machine design extremely well suited for machining many different workpiece shapes and materials.


gamma-t bildGAMMA T / linear

The own particular set of demands of model and mould making are met in full by this series.



GAMMA L / lineargamma l

Machining centre for high-volume components, mainly out of aluminium or ureol.


gamma xtGAMMA XT / linear

Robust series which has proven itself in the heavy-duty HSC machining of high-volume steel and aluminium components.


gamma xlGAMMA XL / linear

Specially developed for the heavy HSC machining of high-volume components made of steel and aluminium.


alpha t conturaALPHA / ALPHA T Contura

Ideal machine concept specifically for aluminium, plastic or steel profile machining.



The OMEGA offers the optimum solution wherever there is a need for the precise machining of large-surface components.



With its double-table design, the SIGMA is second to none in terms of unit costs.